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LASIK is a laser-assisted eye surgery that is used to correct the vision in case of myopia or asitmatism. An opthalmologist specialized in surgery performs the lasik surgery with a laser to correct the shape of the eye’s cornea for making the vision more accurate. This surgery is popularly known for providing the patients an alternative to wearing contact lenses or spectacles. Although it is a recent development in Opthalmology, LASIK has been performed on over 25 million people all over the world, of which 12 million are from U.S alone.

Procedure of Surgery:

The surgey procedure involves three steps.

Flap Creation – A soft suction ring is placed on the eye to hold it from rotating. This may lead some of the tiny blood vessels to burst onto the white part of the eye. However, this isn’t harmful and heals in a few weeks. The eye is temporarily dimmed due to the suction. Once the eye is immobilized, a flap is created. It is done by a mechanical procedure using a metal blade or a femtosecond laser that produces minite bubbles on the cornea which are close spaced. Now, the flap is folded backwards which can be uncomfortable. This process exposes the central portion of the cornea called the stroma.

Laser Remodelling – This step involves the reshaping of the stroma with the help of a 193nm laser device which vapourises the tissue carefully so that the adjascent parts to the target stroma are unaffected. No incision or burning of the tissue is involved. Hence, the pain experienced is also minimum. The eye recovery period after the surgery is very less as compared to the earlier painful procedure called Photorefractive Keratectomy. The excimer lased emloyed for the surgery can track the eye movements very dynamically (4000 times per second) which results in a very accurate incidence of the laser beam on the target area.

Flap Repositioning – Once the stroma area is treated, the flap is repositioned following high precision so that no debris or air bubbles remain beneath it. Till the eye is healed from the surgical process, the flap adheres naturally.

Care After Surgery:

Pateients are given eye-drops that are anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic, and they will have to use them for a few weeks. The operated eye is to be shieled from direct sunlight with the help of sun-glasses, which also help to prevent dryness and involuntary rubbing of the eyes. Generally, a contact-lens is placed on the eye for 5 to 7 days to acceletate the healing process. The patients are advised to follow all the necessaary precautions prescribed by their surgeon to avoid the risk of post-surgical complications.

Is It Effective?

The answer will be “yes”. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence conducted research on LASIK and termed it to be effective. The patient satisfaction rate is found to be over 94% in many surveys. However, there are cases where LASIK is not no successful. The reasons are prolonged pain after surgery, over-correction or under-correction of the cornea which needs the patient to underge the surgery once again. But, the percentage of these cases is very low so that you need not take them into count.

From what I personally saw, a close friend of mine had undergone the LASIK surgery in Austin and his vision improved significantly after it. So, if you are planning to undergo it, consult your Opthalmologist about it and also reasearch more about it on the Web.

Getting Your Face Done

Like many other people, it is likely that you may have heard of Botox Cosmetic, but you are probably not aware of what it can achieve for your appearance and how it actually works. Botox is a prescription drug that is primarily used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by being injected into the muscles between the eyebrows. If you are considering getting Botox in Baton Rouge, the treatment will result in a fantastic and more youthful appearance.

Facelift In A Bottle

The results of Botox can be quite dramatic, so it is often called a “facelift in a bottle.” The Botox treatment is just minimally invasive since an injection is used to deliver its skin-smoothing action to the glabellar lines, which are the muscles between the eyebrows. The actionable ingredients in Botox cause those muscles to relax by interacting with them. The skin tends to smooth out when those muscles relax, and consequently, the appearance of wrinkles is also reduced. If you get Botox, your smooth skin will appear more youthful and tighter, and you will not have to under an invasive surgery or any procedure that requires downtime.

Fewer Headaches

According to some reports, people suffering from headaches and migraines experienced a lesser number of headaches and migraine symptoms after getting Botox in Baton Rouge. Pain reduction may seem like a side effect of Botox treatment, but if you suffer from chronic headaches, then you will probably welcome it. So consider talking to your dermatologist as well as your doctor in Baton Rouge about how Botox treatments may prove to be helpful for your headaches and migraine.

Stop Sweating

For people who sweat profusely, the fact copious amounts of sweating can be dramatically cut down by getting Botox is also one of its benefits. For people suffering from the condition referred to as hyperhidrosis, which causes them to sweat excessively, they can prevent this excessive sweating from occurring for up to 2 years by getting Botox. For people who have already tried using other means to control their sweat during social situations, such as dates or work, and failed at warding off this condition, this is good news.

Stop Sneezing

Although studies are still being carried out, it has been suggested by many medical professionals that Botox may be helpful in fighting against allergies. Inflammation in the nasal cavity can be reduced by injecting Botox into it. This way, the frequency with which people tend to sneeze is reduced and they suffer less from the allergies they are usually plagued with.

Potentially Treat Prostate Cancer

Currently, investigation is being carried out on the effects of Botox injections on prostate cancer and the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. According to researchers, the nerves supplying tumors in the prostate could be targeted by Botox, since its function is to block the effect of nerves. It was revealed in early research that inject Botox into the prostate gland can cause tumour cells to shrivel.

If you are really considering getting Botox in Baton Rouge, now is an excellent time to book appointments for treatments, Although most people get Botox so they can achieve a more youthful appearance, but as you can see, there are other benefits of the treatments that you can experience as well.

The Two Best Work From Home Ideas For Organized Moms

When it comes to juggling family, social and income priorities, many parents choose to look around for work from home opportunities. This makes sense, as it allows for more family time. Below are the two best options for those that have great writing and organisational skills.

1. Article Writing

Through online writing, a person can possibly make lots of money. However, this doesn’t also come without some basic necessities such as a good command of the English language and ability ensure that there is a flow of words throughout the entire article. Individuals with a passion for freelancing should go on, take up writing, as it will enable them to make a substantial amount of money monthly.

This is all by working from the comfort of their homes. Article writing is flexible in terms of the hours an individual would want to work with and it is up to them to plan the hours they would want to work with as this ultimately culminates into the amount of money they intend on making.

For someone who is also creative and passionate about writing, freelancing can be the best way to make money from home. A well-trained and skillful writer who delivers good material has a lot of profitable work to choose from in the comfort of a home. Many sites are in need of articles touching on hundreds of topics all that a freelance writer is to choose the topics that you best understand then write and be paid for it.

The advantage of freelance writing is that it needs simple tools to start it. A computer and a fast internet are all you need. Apart from good writing skills, the other necessary skills are just basic and include computer skills, an invoicing program, and bookkeeping. Freelance writing is the best way to earn money from home.

2. Data Entry

Data entry has become a way of making money on the side since most companies are outsourcing individuals who are willing to enter their data and compute it. This ensures individuals that they can make money from home due to the flexible hours employed together with payments, which are made per every data entered.

This kind of job does not pay by the hour but rather by the number of entries that the individual has done which means that the individual gets to determine the amount of money they will be getting, based on the number of entries made.

Good luck as you find your ideal work from home career!

Two Fantastic Vehicles For Young Families

For overall safety, comfort and style, the Volvo range of vehicles is hard to beat when shopping for a vehicle to suit family needs.

Volvo C30 

Drive This must be one of the greenest vehicles all over. Great to consume an average of 3.9 L/100 km track, it has placed itself as one of the top five performing cars in the fuel efficiency and environmental ratings. Funny to drive according to connoisseurs, V – C30 is composed of safety features having a mandated dual front airbags, side-curtain airbags for the head, and side-blow airbags for torso security.

It has a two-door hatchback, comfortable rear seats of optimum carrying power, 1.6 L turbocharged four-cylinder diesel, and speedy manual transmission.

Two of the most popular Volvo’s in recent years include the V – C30 T5. One surely will get to be amazed of its glaring design with robust features at the back. This one was actually inspired by another prominent Volvo – V1800Ees.

List of its components includes the cloth upholstery, leather-wrapped steering wheel, aluminum shift knob, leather parking brake cover, key-less entry point, cruise control, air conditioning, tilt steering wheel with audio control, trip computer, power windows and mirrors, external temperature monitor, half split-folding rear seat, 160-W six-speaker stereo player, and hands-free phone blue tooth with streaming audio. V – C30 T5’s upgrade is the V – C30 T5 R.

V – C30 T5 R

Designed with two-leather-Flextech upholstery and aluminum internal trim. Promoted features enter for added bright trim and colored wheel flares, fog lights and sill extensions.

This list is paired with 215/45R18 tires.

T5 R-Design’s supremacy becomes more evident with 18-in wheels while other types of C30 have it 17-in.

Volvo’s interior design is amazing particularly in its central domain with simple aluminum center stack design and sequence of buttons for more audio functions. Generally, V – C30 is the smallest of all Volvo’s, but the sportiest.

This article was provided by the Rate Your Drive Australia website (www.rateyourdriveaustralia.com), which specializes in providing reviews of family vehicles, insurance requirements, finance options and much more.

Best Ways To Exercise

There are tons of ways to exercise, you just have to find the right workout that works for you.

A very popular choice of exercising includes either running, jogging or simply walking.

As you do one of those three things you are incorporating solid cardiovascular activity into your day which is great for your overall health and fitness.

If you want to bulk up and add muscle, the best way to exercise is by lifting weights. You should never take on more than you can handle. Start off lighting small amounts and gradually work your way up to higher amounts when you feel as if you are ready.

There are also good workout machines at the gym that can help build muscle and stamina.

Another great way to exercise is by taking a class such as dance or cycling. Tons of local gyms and other venues offer a wide array of fitness classes to get your blood pumping and sweat dripping!

One of the most popular kinds of classes is dance because not only is it fun but burns tons of calories, as you move your body to the beat of the music you are kicking out the calories. Cycling is another popular class.

Cycling incorporates the use of stationary bikes and a talented instructor guiding you through different speeds and techniques to burn a large amount of calories in a short period of time.

Best Tips For Increasing Fitness:

As you are following a workout plan and diet, follow these simple steps to enhance your results.

  • Drink 8 glasses of water everyday
  • Always eat breakfast as it boosts your metabolism
  • Workout at least three times a week
  • Never skip a meal
  • Incorporate many small healthy snacks into your diet
  • Cut down on your sugar and fast food intake or eliminate it completely
  • Don’t eat three hours before you go to bed

Have an Attractive Beautiful Breast

Breast augmentation in Philadelphia is an effective aesthetic procedure which offers more ladies attractive breasts as well as an enhanced overall body contour. It is among the most requested cosmetic surgical procedures today and has very little risks. The improvement can be carried out either through fat transfer breast improvement or by using implants approved by the FDA, the former being the more natural choice. In Philadelphia, there are dependable plastic surgery practices which provide this cosmetic breast surgical procedure.

Cosmetic breast augmentation is however not recommended for every woman. During your first visit with the cosmetic surgeon, there would certainly be a conversation concerning your goals and expectations.

Also, the surgeon will ask you questions about your lifestyle, and he or she will take your medical condition into account. Some of the things that will be taken into account when determining whether the
surgical procedure is appropriate for you are:

1. Age Requirements as Fixed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

The FDA has approved the use of saline implants for breast reconstruction in ladies who are at least eighteen years of age. Also, the FDA has approved the use of silicon implants for breast expansion in ladies who are at least twenty two years of age. Thus, if you plan to do a breast augmentation in Philadelphia, consider whether your age is appropriate for the procedure.

2. Your Physical and Mental Health

The cosmetic surgeon that you select will certainly want to find out whether you have a medical condition that might result in complications in the course of the surgical procedure. He or she will also want to find out whether you have had cancer, autoimmune disorder or depression in the past.

3. Your willingness to accept the risks of treatment

Generally, plastic surgeons want their patients to be confident and properly informed. As in all other surgical procedures, breast augmentation surgery has certain risks associated with it like infection, capsular contracture, bleeding, implant failure as well as alteration in sensitivity of the nipples.

When performing breast implants, additional measures must be taken so as to maintain your health. Also, you may need to visit your plastic surgeon regularly to ensure that the implants are in good condition.

Breast augmentation surgery is one that requires significant know-how on the part of the cosmetic surgeon doing it. Thus, the surgeon as well as the facility where the procedure will be performed must be selected with great care. You should check out the reputation and credentials of the surgeon as well as the reputation of the cosmetic surgery facility. Viewing the before and after photographs of people who have already gone through the breast augmentation procedure is an excellent way to assess the outcome of the procedure.

You should maintain realistic expectations with regard to the outcome of the surgery, also you have to appreciate that breast augmentation in Philadelphia may have its risks and limitations. If you are qualified to undergo the surgery and actually go through the surgical procedure, ensure that you adhere to all the instructions given by your cosmetic surgeon so as to maintain the fine results obtained.

Check out Dr. Vasisht, MD, FACS of South Shore Plastic Surgery for consultation.

Paunch Woes

There are many disadvantages to having big round tummy and not have pregnancy as an excuse. Aside from the fact that it usually means the rest of you is big and round as well, and aside from the bulge itself, which projects way out there every time you try on a bikini, a big belly comes with a set of hassles that would have you running towards the nearest plastic surgery clinic to schedule a lipo and tummy tuck.

The seemingly most minor, but the most uncomfortable and self-consciousness-inducing annoyance is the underwear roll. The waistband of your panties just won’t stay up, that bulge in your belly just pushes it down, and once it starts rolling down toward your crotch, there’s no stopping it, short of holding onto and pulling the offending underwear back up, which won’t do at all if you’re in a public place, or in any place other than the bathroom or your bedroom. And this doesn’t just happen to panties either, but to pantyhose, leggings, and any stretchy clothing you may find yourself wearing on your lower half.

Although being fat won’t prevent you from getting into yoga and reaping all the benefits of regular practice, there are some poses that may be more difficult if you’re carrying around extra bulk in your belly. The plow pose, for example, is one wherein from a reclined position, you raise your legs and your butt off the ground and get them over your head, with your toes touching the floor. The bent position of the spine will cause your belly to press into your torso, and the inverted position will cause your belly and all the organs within it to press on your diaphragm and lungs. Your breathing will definitely be hampered, and trying to hold this pose for more than a few (very shallow) breaths could cause you to suffocate. Even the simplest pose, the child’s pose, which is a seated pose where in your knees shin and tops of your feet are on the floor, and your butt is on your heels, and you’re bent at the hip so that your torso is on top of your thighs and your forehead is touching the floor. This is difficult to do when you’re big because the bulk of your belly makes it difficult to double over without lifting your butt off your heels.

If you live in Fairfield and would like to know about tummy tucks and other plastic surgery procedures visit FairfieldPlasticSurgery.com

Full-time moms hardly get any rest. This we accept.

A new mom would be overwhelmed by this at first, but after a few weeks of getting up several times in the night to feed, burp, and lull the baby to sleep. And during the day there’s the battle to tend to the baby while accomplishing all the chores and tasks – groceries, bank, pediatrician, laundry, et cetera. Midnight feedings will be unnecessary in a few months, and mom (and dad) will eventually get to really sleep, but the morning routine gets progressively more complicated as kids grow up. There’ll be playdates, pre-school, kindergarten, and all the activities and costumes those will entail. And then when elementary and middle school hits, there’ll be science projects and soccer clubs and a slew of PTA meetings.

All that are more than enough to keep a mother on her toes, and on her feet, all day. Small wonder that busy moms are at high risk for getting varicose veins. All that standing and running around, often in work heels, can put a blight on the blood circulation in a woman’s legs. While this may seem to be a cosmetic problem, not minding it and allowing it to get worse would eventually lead to pain and discomfort, not to mention all those vein-related complications.

One tip that phlebologists give is simply to get off one’s feet. We moms should find time to sit down, and perhaps even raise our legs every so often during the day. Maybe we can do that when we take our coffee, or when we’re doing other tasks like balancing the checkbook, or making phone calls.

Another tip is to get some exercise. I know, being a mom is very physical. But we do need to take some time to really work our bodies to improve circulation and general cardiovascular health. At this point in our lives we do need to get a better handle on stress and start taking better care of our hearts. What’s more, exercise floods our brain with those pleasure juices we know as endorphins. And happy moms are definitely better moms.

But should those veins get out of hand, there are many vein centers all over the country where we can go to for varicose veins treatment. If you live in West Virginia, check out Nuface Vein, and if you’re in the area of Eugene, Oregon, visit Go Veins.

Fall Hose Down

Tights are every woman’s favorite autumn staples. They come in every imaginable color – from earth tones, to classic darks, to brights and neons. They come plain, patterned, textured, or with some cute and witty appliques. Every clothing designer or fashion house must have a line of hosiery for the season, or at least have go-to hose supplier for the all fall-winter fashion shows. Tights can make or break a runway look. A girl simply must have a variety of these hosiery to use as a palette of gorgeous leggy fashion, to use for adding some oomph to normal everyday fashion. That they can keep one’s gams warm and toasty in the nippy north U.S. fall weather is a big bonus.

The right hose could add some vivacity and levity to what may be an overly severe and heavy outfit – like fuchsia tights with a classic knee length black tunic under a tailored jacket and a pair of basic black ankle boots. In the other extreme, it could add some finesse to a get-up that could otherwise have been pure hooch, like a low cut micro-mini spandex sheath paired with plain black semi-opaque tights. It could make sexy a little edgy too, like what a geometric print could do to slinky tank top and leather hotpants. Tights could also put a contemporary spin on vintage, and add whimsy to corporate, and turn sexy into sizzling. They give added dimension to a one-track look.

But the best thing about hosiery is that they show off your legs, and even enhance their shape and make them appear longer – all without revealing any of the other things that may make one self conscious about one’s legs. They hide spider veins, too-pale skin, scars and discolorations. If you wear dark colored ones they can hide cellulite. If you wear textured ones, you’ll get to hide even varicose veins (http://sofferhealth.com/company/veins/symptoms). I think that’s awesome.

The only problem with those warm and sassy tights is that you can’t really wear them in the parts of the country where it’s warm all year long, like Miami. It’ll be like steaming!


Clothing Tips for Big Breasts

Lactation – gotta love the increased cup size it brings… and we didn’t even have to get any breast augmentation surgery at Coastal! If you’ve gotten used to you’re A- and B-cups pre-motherhood, the first few months of pregnancy probably gave you a taste of what your future bustline was going to be. For most women, it ushers in a whole new look that calls for a whole new wardrobe.

Clothes-shopping for your new figure is a whole new ballgame. Here are a few tips to get you started.

The very first thing to do is to get fitted for a new bra. Having bigger breasts means the braless look wouldn’t be appropriate anymore. You’ll need all the support you can get, or else you’ll have your boobs jiggling and flailing around as you move. Knowing your new bra size will help you with underwear shopping in the future, although we still recommend trying on a bra in the fitting room to make sure it’s right for you.

Make sure you have bras for different types of clothes and activities, a sports bra, a strapless bra, a seamless t-shirt bra, to name a few. Make sure you have the t-shirt bra and strapless bra in black and nude.

You can still probably wear your stretchy tops with your new boobs. But if anything at all feels tight or looks like it flattens your breasts – ditch it or donate it. Make an inventory of what is left in your closet that’s wearable, then go out to fill in what’s lacking.

A basic rule in shopping for big breasted women is to look for clothes that flatter and fit well. A common woe among busty women is that when clothes fit right at the waist, they’re too tight in the chest, and when they’re comfortable around the chest, they’re loose and unflattering at the waist. You want to look curvy, not heavy.

There are a lot of brick and mortar shops and boutiques that cater to figures like yours, and they’re not all just in the big California cities either – you can find some even in Murrieta and Temecula. If nothing strikes your fancy, you’ll have a lot of choices when you go online.

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